About the Heart Gallery

The Capital Region Heart Gallery is a visually stunning exhibition of portraits of local children who need forever families. The professional photography captures the unique personality and spirit of each of these children and young adults who are waiting to be adopted.

The mission of the Capital Region Heart Gallery is to raise awareness of the need for permanent loving adoptive families for the hundreds of children awaiting adoption in this region. Our goals are to inspire individuals who otherwise might never have considered adopting, and to motivate those who have.

Since its inception in 2005, The Capital Region Heart Gallery has placed more than 40 local children in loving families. This success is a testament to the tireless efforts of the NYS Office of Children & Family Services, local agency staff, foster families, volunteer photographers, and generous local businesses. They have helped bring attention to the great need for permanent families for local waiting children.

We hope you will make time to visit an upcoming exhibit of the Capital Region Heart Gallery, to join us in celebrating the children of the Heart Gallery and the people who work to find permanent families for all of them.

Have you ever considered adoption?

Families and individuals are desperately needed –  to provide safe, nurturing and loving homes for these children. Adoptive parents can be male or female, married, single or living with a partner.  Homes can be single family residences or apartments, that are owned or rented. Families are especially needed for sibling groups, children with special needs, teenagers and babies.

The Capital Region Heart Gallery is a collaborative effort among NYSOCFS, The Capital Region Adoption & Foster Care Consortium, Local Counties, and the Professional Development Program.