Megan FultonCo

Born in June of 1993, Megan is a curious young woman with a sparkle in her eye and a spring in her step. Megan loves to color, play Uno, and her favorite foods are macaroni, spinach, pizza, hamburgers, and fries. Megan is in a non-graded special education program that is designed with her specific goals in mind. She is currently learning to manage her behaviors. Overall, she is working at around a first grade level and appears to be operating developmentally and behaviorally at around that of a first grader. Megan also is working in speech therapy to help her be better understood. Megan has cognitive delays, and a moderate developmental disorder. Megan is a delightful young woman and would love to have a family to call her own. A loving and caring family is needed for Megan that can meet her needs and help her achieve her potential.

For more information, please contact Adoption Services at 1-800-345-KIDS or theĀ Fulton County Department of Social Services at 518-736-5615.