Jacob Greene Co

Jacob, born in December of 1996, has a great imagination and is eager to learn new things. Jacob has a lot of artistic talent and enjoys drawing and coloring. Jacob loves using his hands to build and design objects, especially if he can use tools to accomplish this. He loves to be outdoors where he can explore nature, climb trees or ride a bike. Jacob currently resides on a farm where he enjoys helping take care of the animals. Jacob attends an on campus school where he is currently in ninth grade. Although Jacob has had difficulty trusting adults, he has been successful at attaching to significant adults in his life. It is felt that Jacob would do best in a two parent household, where one parent has the flexibility to be available. Are you the parents who can give Jacob the loving home and permanence he deserves?

For more information, please contact Adoption Services at 1-800-345-KIDS or the Greene County Department of Social Services at 518-719-3667.