Raymond GreeneCo

Raymond, who prefers to be called Ray, was born in March of 1997. Ray is friendly, imaginative and very inventive and full of life. He enjoys drawing, playing video games, watching wrestling, camping, outside play, and going to water parks. Ray enjoys helping adults very much and is able to form and maintain strong attachments. Ray does best when provided consistency and structure as that helps him to know what to expect. Ray is currently in the eighth grade in a small sized class. He especially likes to work in the auto shop and build go-carts. Ray has said that he would like to live in a family with a mom and dad and a dog. However, he would be ok with just a dad and a dog. Ray deserves a family who will be patient and understanding of his needs while loving him unconditionally for who he is.

For more information, please contact Adoption Services at 1-800-345-KIDS or the Greene County Department of Social Services at 518-719-3667.