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Austin is a young man born in October 1995. He attends high school and receives services in school. Austin likes school and does well. He is on track to earn a Regent’s diploma.… Continue reading

Photos from February 20 Heart Gallery Event

Photography by Sue Clark


David, born in September 2000, is an energetic, spirited, twelve year-old boy. David enjoys all types of music and is learning how to play the guitar. David likes to be physically active –… Continue reading


David is a very friendly young man born in December 1996. He has many interests, including sports, video games, museums, learning and seeing new things. David really wants a family. He does well… Continue reading


Born in May of 1997, Nico is a bright, funny and likable boy. He is very inquisitive and creative. Nico likes bike riding, roller blading, video games, beading and sewing on a machine.… Continue reading


Cory, born in March of 2001, is a very loving and affectionate boy. He is thoughtful and considerate. Cory does well in the community and at home and is thriving in his current… Continue reading


Jacob, born in December of 1996, has a great imagination and is eager to learn new things. Jacob has a lot of artistic talent and enjoys drawing and coloring. Jacob loves using his… Continue reading


Born in 1999, Justina is a kind-hearted girl. Justina enjoys arts and crafts, animals, and spending time with caring adults. Justina is smart and can be very charming. She likes to play games… Continue reading


Born in March of 1994, Darrell is a very likable and talented young man. He is personable and makes friends easily. Darrell has learned to incorporate basic skills such as doing chores and learning how… Continue reading